Corporate Gifts: 3 Marketing Reasons For You To Have Corporate Gift Giveaways

Author: Cheow Yu Yuan

Corporate gifts is one of the best marketing strategy that a company can deploy to build their brand awareness, as well as promote feelings of goodwill between buyer and supplier. When it comes to business corporate gifts, you should not take any chances. Your gift should be perfect and complete, in appearance as well as the purpose it serves.

By giving corporate gifts to your business associates or clients, you will be able to leave good impression in their minds. They will feel appreciated that you take the extra effort in giving them gifts to light up their day.

When any of your clients or business associates fall ill, you should send them a gift to wish them well. This will maintain a good relationship with them and they will definitely feel appreciated.

Let us discuss 3 marketing reasons why you should consider using corporate gifts in your marketing plan:

1.    Build your company brand. Branding is very important for businesses as it makes the consumers to associate a certain service or product with your company. A corporate gift is a great way to build brand awareness as branding is all about making associations. For example, if you think of Adidas, you may think of football jerseys with Adidas logos on them. So by creating associations between key chains and your company can be effective as well.

2.    Corporate gifts allow personalization. To have a successful branding campaign, your brand must be personal enough for consumers to identify and build relationship with. By matching corporate gifts to the type of company personality that requires promoting, you will able to hit the right chord with the consumers.

3.    Corporate gifts maintain the interaction between company and consumers. Usually after a marketing campaign, consumers will only be able to associate and interact with the company through its advertising message, which is intangible. But with corporate gifts, they will be able to touch and feel the representation of a company. This will deeply leave your marketing message in their minds and result in a better marketing campaign.

Using corporate gifts is a good way to start building brand awareness among your consumers. Many people think that by using corporate gifts as marketing tool, huge budget is needed. However, I got to say that this is not true at all. With the right budget and campaign, you will be able to fulfill your marketing mission and create brand awareness for your company.

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